Toxic Free Phoenixville is a new initiative in the Phoenixville area of concerned residents, visitors, and neighbors. We plan to advocate for all public grounds to be safe, healthy, and thriving habitats for residents and wildlife alike. Our approach is to bring together public health experts, community leaders, business interests, the urban agriculture community, lawyers and local government to work to protect public health and restore environmental quality.

Our short term goal is to shape and lead the creation of public procurement policy and municipal practices to restrict the use of harmful, synthetic herbicides, particularly glyphosate and 2,4-D, on municipal grounds and assist in the transition to organic management protocols.

Our long term goal is to severely restrict the application of all harmful, synthetic pesticides on municipal grounds, including toxic insecticides, fungicides, and rodenticides, and replacing the toxic paradigm with organic land management protocols. 


Toxic Free Philadelphia
The Healthy Outdoor Public Spaces (HOPS) bill 200425 was unanimously approved in City Council on December 3rd, 2020.  This bill protects public health by eliminating toxic herbicides from our parks and play spaces.

Don’t Spray Me
DSM is a founding member of the West Chester Green Team (, whose mission is to promote green living in the West Chester area. DSM led the effort to ban single-use plastic bag and straw through WC Borough Council in summer 2019. See how DSM is working with WC University

Charlestown Township
In response to residents concerns, the Parks and Rec Board amended the mowing contract for public  lands scope of work to require organic herbicides only and review of any area requiring spraying

The Team

The Toxic Free Phoenixville volunteers include technical experts, environmental advocates and community activist who seek to support the transition to an organic future. Join us!


Mark Connolly 610-952-1285
Katie Tandon 484- 995-9262 


There is much to learn! See a Google Doc starting the process of researching the path towards and organic future! Feel free to add your handprint.