This webpage explores the opportunity to have the Phoenixville community shape and lead the vision for the development and use of the new Learning Center proposed by the Boro.

Phoenixville Boro Invites PASD to partner in developing Park and STEM Learning Ctr at Kindergarten Ctr

PASD Board Postpones Vote on Kindergarten Center
Sale to Boro of Phoenixville till 2022.

IMAGINE the following new uses in a new Learning Center

Phoenixville Boro Invited the PASD to Partner in Developing Park and STEM Learning Ctr at Kindergarten Ctr on Nov 10. Jean Krack presented the Plan for the Transition of the Kindergarten Center at 2nd Ave / 100 School Lane to Boro Park and Educational Center. He provided a vision for maintaining the open space and the adaptive re-use of the 18,00SF building into a STEM facility. The Boro committed to seeking funds for acquisition and program development funding. All in attendance supported the Boro’s plan of building a broad public/private partnership with local businesses, universities, and non-profits. All called for more engagement from the Boro and PASD School Board and reaching out for partner’s to help develop and fund the properties use by the public.
A poll / petition is being developed to capture the ideas and increase participation by the public. With the people’s input, we can imagine this property’s transition as part the vision for a green Phoenixville

The Board has received 4 offers for the property, ranging from $1.75 million to $3.9 million. Please click here for details about each of the offers.

The Borough of Phoenixville is one of the bidders for this property.  A recent video outlines the Borough plans for the SoMax HTC project at the Waste Water Treatment Plant adjacent to the Kindergarten Center.  It includes a brief description of the Education Center planned if they acquire our property.