Welcome to the Phoenixville Green Team

Letter from the President

Hello to all Phoenixville Area residents! In way of introduction, let me say that my name is David Lutzker, and as the new leader of the Phoenixville Area Green Team I am full of energy and optimism! A new era has begun in the Phoenixville area – a rebirth – rising from the ashes of the past. 

  • The new vibrancy that you can feel in the air in our community – this is part of the future of the Green Team. 
  • More than a new brew-pub, you can feel it on First Friday – this is part of the future of the Green Team.
  • 20,000 people at the food truck festival, and the best Dogwood Festival Parade in recent memory – all of this is part of the future of the Green Team.

The Green Team is in the process of reinventing ourselves to be in tune and in touch with our dynamic, growing community. Hiking, biking, trail clean-ups, seminars, educational programs, social gatherings, and doing what we can to make sure our planet will keep it’s beautiful flora, fauna, vistas, not to mention renewable energy, clean drinkable water and breathable air. 

Find us on Instagram and Facebook too. Join and connect, we have events all summer!

David Lutzker