Chester County Climate Action Plan

The Chester County Planning Commission is holding a public meeting to present the County’s proposed Climate Action Plan. We need you to advocate for a “Climate Action Office” to lead, coordinate, educate, and engage stakeholders in the implementation of the Climate Action Plan. The draft plan is open for comments until 3/31.

If you can, attend the public session on March 4. Register here. and speak up to the Commissioners.

We encourage you to read and comment on all the details and actions proposed in the plan before March 31. Please tell the Commissioners to “Create a Climate Action Office” here in the Please provide feedback window.

March 4, 2021

Public Meeting Agenda

6:30 – Welcome (Chester County Commissioners)Landscapes3 – Project Goal
Why do we need a Climate Action Plan?
6:50 – Climate Action Plan Overview – Plan Goal Reduce our Carbon Footprint
Action Plan Highlights
7:15 – Public Comment/Q&A (Attendees)
Speak up!
7:50 – Next Steps – Where do we go from here?
8:00 – Adjournment

View the draft Climate Action Plan.

Register for the public meeting here.You can leave comments here about the draft plan below or by emailing

Green Drinks 2021 Kick-off

Wednesday January 20th 7pm to 8pm

The Green Team has plans for 2021, do you?

Join us virtually and share them!
We have some great opportunities to serve for you to consider showing up and making a difference

Meeting ID: 148 839 0853
Telephone: 470-869-2200 

The Phoenixville Green Team has hosted Environmental forums for over 10 years featuring a wide variety of local, state, national and planetary topics. Green Drinks is a free wheeling gathering that creates organic conversation about things that may matter to you.

Green Team Board sets 2021 Goals

The Green Team Board of Directors is planning  to enhance and expand the Green Teams shown below in 2021. We invite volunteers to join a Team or >>>>>bring an idea and we will help you build a new Green Team!

The Board is looking for individuals who are eager to serve in the following capacity

1. Social Media / Communications Director

2. Green Earth Festival Team leaders

3. Outdoor Activities and Hike leaders


Green Earth Festival Annual celebration hosting eco-friendly exhibitors, government agencies, environmental advocates that are making a positive difference in the community

Clean Energy Connecting  individuals and their communities to the resources needed to identify and implement community-based clean energy planning and projects.

Green Drinks Free wheeling gathering that creates organic conversation about local, state, national and planetary topics things that may matter to you

Sustainable Phoenixville Building a team to identify and empower volunteers to assist the Phoenixville Borough transition to sustainable practices and initiatives.

Greenway Advocating the construction of trails and hosting recreational and nature hikes