Green Team Partner :

I just want to say one word to you, Plastics!

The Phoenixville Green Team and Phoenixville Area Transition have recently chartered a combined effort with the mission of reducing, reuse and recycling. This combined effort is focusing on numerous Plastics initiatives in the Phoenixville community, in our restaurants and schools and supporting initiatives at the state and national level including :

  • Ban Single-Use Plastics in Borough 
  • Green Schools Alliance
  • Mariner East Pipeline:  This is the pipeline carrying fracked gas destined for plastic making IN SCOTLAND!! 
  • Break free from plastics movement/BFFP Pollution Act
  • Rights of Nature Movement

Beginning on May 10, 2021, from 7 – 8 PM, the Phoenixville Green Team and Phoenixville Area Transition will meet as the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Plastics Management Working Group.

If you are concerned about our community’s use of plastics, please join us. We meet by zoom: here, every 2nd Monday of the month, at 7PM.


Sally Doyle 610-329-2385
Jamie Parker 215-570-2279