In 1989, local Schuylkill River Greenway volunteers incorporated the Phoenix Iron Canal and Trails Association to advocate for the development of the the Phoenixville Greenway, an ambitious plan started in 1986 to create a ten (10) miles of linear park along the Schuylkill River and French Creek in Phoenixville. We are happy to report this vison is nearly realized!

In 2009, the Main Street Manager started the Phoenixville Green Committee to make Phoenixville a more green community. Volunteers continued this group after the Main Street Manager program ended under the guidance of PAEDCO. In 2015, PICTA and the Phoenixville Green Team merged.

Phoenixville Green Team is a 501c(3) volunteer non-profit advocating the vision of a greener community that preserves the environment and promotes health, sustainability and community. We develop and support local initiatives, build awareness and motivate people on how to “live, work, and play green” in the Greater Phoenixville Area.