100 2nd Ave – 7.4 Acres with 18,000 SF school and 2+ Acre Woods-See PICS

The Phoenixville Green Team and Phoenixville Area Transition have joined with other open space and greenway trail advocates, local neighbors and school district residents to form the Phoenixville Area Friends of Open Space (PAFOS)

Save Open Space: Save the K-Center! – New Petition calls for Phoenixville Council to ACT

This growing coalition of organizations and residents has been working to save the 7.4 acre property at the old Kindergarten Center since the School Board announced their intention to sell in October 2021. After a long battle, the School Board voted to sell the property to the Toll Brothers, despite overwhelming public outcry. The Phoenixville Area Friends of Open Space is now calling for the Borough to work with Chester County in pursuing the use of Eminent Domain. Eminent domain has been used to protect open space for decades. It is a legal method by which a landowner receives fair market value for land, which is then protected for the benefit of the public. This property is key to accomplishing the goals of the Borough’s new Comprehensive Plan and we believe its best use for the community would be as a Borough Park. 

This NEW PETITION will play a critical role in the upcoming Meetings and Common Plea Court proceedings listed below. We need everyone to sign on, show up and speak out to support the preservation of OUR OPEN SPACE. The School Board has cashed in by selling in a short sighted decision that makes the false assumption that high density development reduces taxes.  Where has this ever happened before? What is the value of a NEW PARK vs. luxury high density development?

Once open space is gone, it’s gone forever.

More Info 

PAFOS Calendar of Meetings and Events you can attendAdd to my calendar
PAFOS role in the upcoming Court of Common Pleas proceedings
What does the Comprehensive Plan say?
The story of how we got here
Who really owns your neighborhood school?

We have a vision, we have a plan, we can do it ….
With your help!

How You Can Help 

  1. CONTRIBUTE to the S.O.S. GOFUNDME campaign
  2. SIGN the PETITION. If you already have, pass it on to friend of open space.
  3. ATTEND Borough Council Mtgs and ask them to save the property
  4. TAKE the Kindergarten Center Future Poll. If you already have, pass it on to friend of open space.
  5. EMAIL your Borough Council Members asking them to save the property
  6. CONTACT the Green Team to join the Phoenixville Area Friends of Open Space team.

Today….now, be the change you want to see in the world.

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Contact: pxvareafriendsofopenspace@gmail.com

Mission Statement

We are advocates for more open land to support the things we can’t live without – like clean water, climate protection, and healthy communities. We safeguard the places that make life worth living, like parks for recreation and plant and animal habitat.