The recently passed Comprehensive Plan states:

“In Phoenixville, as in all urban areas, residents, employees, and visitors seek an attractive and convenient system of parks, trails, and open spaces accessible by walking and transit. Phoenixville Borough has the highest density areas within the region and is projected to grow more dense. This requires parks, trails and open space, rightly situated to make ensure Phoenixville remains a place where people want to live, work and play.”

The 7.4 acre Kindergarten Center property uniquely fulfills the following goals stated in the Comprehensive Plan goals. 

Chapter 5

  • MORE PARKS. The introduction of the Phoenixville is Active chapter states, “This plan recognizes that while the majority of the Borough has neighborhood parks the town center could benefit from an additional park or open space” The NEW PARK adds the needed park called for in the plan.
  • PROXIMITY/LOCATION. “Improve the pedestrian connections from surrounding neighborhoods to downtown Phoenixville and to surrounding villages in the Region”. The NEW PARK at the K-Ctr connects the Manovan Neighborhood and the Schuylkill Freedom Trial to the Town Center and Schuylkill Township and Valley Forge Park.
  • ENHANCED TREE & NATURAL LANDSCAPING. The NEW PARK provides the Natural landscapes called for in the Plan. It provides the vital undisturbed habitat for plant and animal species. The Plan states, “the Borough should evaluate the it’s parks to determine where natural landscaping installations of native trees, plants and wildflowers could reduce maintenance to existing turf lawns, assist with filtering pollutants, and prevents erosion”. The NEW PARK has all these features.

Chapter 6

  • 15 MINUTE NEIGHBORHOOD. Making the NEW PARK makes the K-Ctr Manovan neighborhood adjacent a 15 Minute Neighborhood. From the plan:” A 15 minute neighborhood is where residents have safe and convenient access by walking, bicycling, or riding transit to many of the places and services they use daily, including local markets and other neighborhoods serving businesses, restaurants, schools, and parks within a half mile walking distance.” The Schuylkill Freedom Trail will connect to the Town Center and the NEW PARK will create safe, accessible open space for the neighbors.
  • ADDITIONAL PARKING. The NEW PARK will create a NEW PARKING for visitors to walk to the Town Center on the Schuylkill Freedom Trail.