Phoenixville Area Friends of Open Space plan to petition Court of Common Pleas to vacate the Petition for Sale of Real Property

The PASD School Board has voted to sell the 7.4-acre Kindergarten Center at 100 School Lane to Toll Brothers to redevelop into 80+ luxury high-density multifamily units. Public discussion and input were severely limited due to inadequate notice and publicity, with hundreds, if not thousands, of PASD district residents having no idea these proceedings were taking place.

We have petitioned the Chester County Court of Common Pleas and hope you will join us in stopping this short-sighted decision from moving forward. We plan to challenge the School Board’s transparency obligations under the Sunshine Act and the School Board’s positive cash flow economic case for selling this 18,000SF school and open space.

Our petition will play a critical role in the upcoming Meetings and Common Plea Court proceedings. If the Borough has filed with the intention of pursuing eminent domain before a decision has been made in court to approve the sale, there is a good chance the sale may be voided. We need everyone to sign on, show up and speak out to support the preservation of OUR OPEN SPACE.

See PASD webpage regarding the Kindergarten Sale  here
See Court of Common Pleas October 17 Hearing notice  here

Will you help fund our legal representation and associated costs in the fight to protect our land and keep our taxes lower?

We can meet this goal if just 1,000 of Phoenixville’s school district’s 18,000 residents can contribute $30 each. Please JOIN US. Learn more about signing the petition. We are raising $30,000 to preserve the most significant remaining piece of public open space in Phoenixville.

SIGN the Save Open Space: Save the K-Center! PETITION

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