The Mission

The Sustainable Advisory Council (SAC) is dedicated to reducing human impact on the environment. The SAC is a standing community volunteer board to be duly approved by Borough Council and organized under ordinance. The SAC shall have the responsibility to study environmental and sustainability issues, either independently or at the request of Borough Council. The SAC will work in an advisory capacity to assist Council and when appropriate, recommend policies and programs relating to the environment, public education and community initiatives.

The Working Group

We are building a team to identify and empower volunteers with technical experts, environmental advocates and community activists who seek to assist the Phoenixville Borough transition to sustainable practices and initiatives.


  •       Phoenixville Area Transition Community
  • Chester County Sierra Club Ready for 100% Renewable Energy
  • Neighboring municipality Environmental Advisory Councils
  • French and Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust

Our Goals for 2019

The Sustainable Phoenixville working group is working to plan and implement the following initiatives to educate and support the public, businesses, institutions and local government in adopting sustainable practices.

  • Draft an ordinance for the Phoenixville Borough to create the Sustainable Advisory Council.
  • Provide information to the community about the Ready for 100% initiatives the Borough has already established.
  • Educate the community on Sustainable practices by assisting the Borough in holding free forums and demonstrations.
  • Collaborate with the Phoenixville Area School District and their students in seeking ideas and initiatives.
  • Create a multi-township alliance in assisting with accomplishing Ready for 100% initiatives to help identify initiatives that were most successful as they relate to the Borough of Phoenixville. 
  • Educate and advocate for green and sustainable construction techniques specifically, Civic Center.

Want to lead, serve or support this team? Contact: David Lutzker at