We are asking our community to contact the PASD Board Members and ask to sell the Kindergarten Center at 100 School Lane to the Borough of Phoenixville. This public property can remain in public hands and can continue to be used to the benefit our community with your help. You may click the following button to generate an email for you or copy our example letter below if the button does not automatically open your default email client.

Recipient(s): boardmembers@pasd.com
Subject: Dear School Board Members
Please reconsider your vote

I am adding my voice to the Phoenixville Area Friends of Open Space in their S.O.S – Save Open Space- Stop the Sale of the Kindergarten Ctr. preservation campaign. I agree with the open space and greenway trail advocates, local neighbors, and other school district residents that this is our open space. I support their efforts to petition Court of Common Pleas to vacate the Petition for Sale of Real Property.

It’s OK to change your mind. There is still time to make your legacy a new park. Please change your mind and create a Working Group to save our open space at the Kindergarten Center.

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Email the Phoenixville Area School Board
with your support
for the Borough of Phoenixville’s Bid