Join us to promote “Ready for 100% Clean Energy Initiative” asking all of the regional townships to make resolution to reach for a cleaner, safer future. The Green Team has joined with other advocates and the Environmental Advisory Councils (EACs) in East Pikeland, Phoenixville (1st in PA), Schuylkill, West Pikeland, and West Pikeland to pass Ready for 100% Resolutions. Charlestown pass a Renewable Energy Resolution Excluding the 100% and 2050 goal. The Phoenixville Green Team is a founding member of Phoenixville Area Clean Energy Alliance (PACEA) and leads the effort by non-profit stakeholders to pursue the transition to 100% renewables in the Phoenixville area. PACEA was awarded a  Chester County Vision Partnership Plan (VPP) grant in April 2021. The grant will evaluate current energy use and produce plans to reduce consumption of fossil fuels, through efficiency improvements and use of renewable energy. It will set clean energy goals for the four participating townships and conduct comprehensive community engagement to educate and motivate other townships across the county and region.

What is the Clean Energy Initiative?

The goal is to encourage Pennsylvania’s cities and towns to make a pledge to complete the transition to 100% renewable energy.

Yes, we need state and federal solutions too, but we are not waiting. Cities and townships are taking action. Many cities in the USA have made the pledge to make the switch to clean, renewable energy. Most cities are pledging to achieve 100% renewable electricity by as soon as 2030 (and no later than 2035) and 100% of all remaining energy (industry, transportation, heating/cooling) by 2045.

The Clean Energy Mission

Implementing community based clean energy projects for the regional Phoenixville area by educating, advocating and empowering local governments, businesses and residents to adopt practices to avert climate change and enhance sustainability. Project areas include:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy

The Team
The Clean Energy Team of volunteers include technical experts, environmental advocates and community activist who seek to support the transition to renewable energy. Join us!